Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 38

Did anyone notice that I having not said what the time is according to the clock?
(a beat)
It is most definitely technically possible, that because of the post headings all in numerical order from 1 through to 37, or for a similar reason thereof, an opening of the blog while logged out shortly after, displayed the previous one. As the previous one would be the one that, because time having passed, is set in stone thereof electronics wise at the blogspot end.
(a beat)
The Imdb useth an intelligent engine which useth overrule of typing errors in its coding useth square brackets to create text in bold print or italics or colors, it will move past the mistype and go to the next one and try to figure out what it is. I did that once there as a test and the smart engine got it right three times in a row. For we hath an understanding, you see, one that goes right back further than when Mr Gates first conceived of his pc.

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