Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 4

When reading my blog, it is sometimes better if you click the 2009 link at top right (it is viewable to me) as well as the Older Posts link at bottom, as it may be that those of you that do not know this are missing certain of my posts.
(a beat)
As long as you keep your eye on the number I suppose. Post 1 at bottom or the Heading, and then Post 2 and Post 3 and so forth reading upwards.
(a beat)
I have taken off my coat so have a black tee shirt on with incomprehensible numbers screenprinted on it - I have done this, I once screenprinted with assistance by a tutor, a large color picture of my favorite superhero onto one, a white one, or it might have been the back of a jacket, at the time, which was Spiderman.

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