Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 6

I know that doctors and others in speciality fields, the latter of which I am more comfortable with being like them myself without the formal qualifications, are scrutinising my words. You'd like to find a direct link between me and my coisin or my uncle wouldn't you? But you won't find one because it is physically impossible, and therefore because they won't let you.
(a beat)
Shall I buy a microwave oven?
(a beat)
I have however had several contacts in the Uk and overseas on the internet, which I regard as others do, i.e. millions of people, as being actual contacts who I could if I were a plane user, or a ship user, or more notably if I had the funds, go and see if I wanted to. I remember inviting some of them over, or saying that they could use my house. But to date none of them have. And I asked you once didn't I, if you have ever been to Edmonton Green.
(a beat)
So to the update.

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