Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Post 41.

Games in a minute, or some more time!

Now I have guidance (as make office better pops up), I won't tell you what it is. And that which guides me with stealth-like accuracy, to the extent of being a potential new prototype, informs me that my procedure to date is correct. And my ears inform me that tongues are being uttered sometimes. What else is there if my solicitor wants me to do this, other than to assume that something is controlling them. Personally I don't much like that thought. We all act involuntaryly, with various movements, things we look at, but that in which I have believed since day one does not act in such a way as that which has been alleged. And even if it did I would not be able to explain it. Perhaps it has something to do with the potential of some technology to pass through a steel door, which currently is physically impossible. I do remember the Cid men the second time having a twinkle about they eye as I said I was promoting this type of thing for civilian security reasons, like they felt that perhaps they were to become part of that process. But that is only what I thought. The first time, before they dropped the charges after two years, was even worse.

28 minutes left. It appears safe in the shop but I don't know why. Foil lined walls perhaps, but I don't think so. Too many people, perhaps that it is. Two or three people using metal cased mobile phones would be enough to prevent the police from tracking the chip that is powered by my blood.

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