Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Post 39.

I tell the lady next to me that I have made 38 posts today here at my blog. She says ok. Now a game yes, pitting myself against the pc, a Dell in a plastic case. I must get one of the metal ones, or an Apple thereof. Everyone I know that thinks like I do having these same issues thereof, even them, says that this is the better procedure. Perhaps it is why Anselom, and the probation service, wants to know if my dss funding is alright. It is as far as I know but sometimes the date changes.

If it wasn't there would be something that I know that I don't want you to know. The police havn't mentioned it.

Some games against the pc yes? To see if I can outwit it, or if it will outwit me. Surely that would be better right at this point than to * continue with my blog. Surely I am entitled to have a break thereof. But still it is on my mind, that those to who my welfare concerns who have rss feeds on this blog, and I believe that senior police do, could say that they havn't read it. I.e. an inprobability, for the amount of people that are reading it is unknown even to me, it could be ten or a thousand, or more - let's not be too optomistic, it could be the whole of London - are not Interested in my signature on the GP text, they want to do this because it is their first option. On a list of possibilities.

But I have challenged you to put me to the test concerning this. In the full knowledge that there is something in it for me other than compensation.

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