Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 2

I have never been to France, my dad has, he must have had a passport perhaps from his days in the Navy. He was a merchant seaman. He is not that well right now, being in his late eighties. But the medical profession are doing what they can for him, his medication of many kinds including urological ones and diabetes, are near-stabelising him. But he is smoling heavily again. He does not have the mind to break out of this habit (and there is nothing being advertised that would protect those around him from smoke inhalation and its effects thereof, such as an air purifyer).
(a beat)
It is my intention at this session firstly to give you an update concerning what I have done pledge wise, in the hope and near-trust that this will cover me for a while. And then to do a little comment on the items that are today's Metro newspaper, one by one, as I turn the pages. And then after that to do whatever I want here at my blog for the rest of they day, to play some games pittance against the pc, and to do some work in the search engines back-engineering some items that are owned by Transport For London.

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