Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Post 42.

I began the 1234 script with twelve sketchup models saved as pings. They include cars and the helicopter gunship. I might hover that over the Enfield Town intersection, saying to an ambulance drive stuck in traffic with the siren no longer sounding - like they have forgotten the emergency call - "Look, I have a better equipped vehicle than yours".

"But you speak on the internet about MI5" sayeth Anselom.

"Why shouldn't I?" sayeth Ir, for I am a writer. One with a certain track record thereof. They won't mind. I bet you don't have any correspondence from them.

And what will you say when I say that I am changing my plea on the 24th to Not Guilty so that we can take it through a trial? To delay the inevitable, yes? But what about mitigation?

Do you not feel afraid in any way? Doth the Probation Staff at the counter thereof not fear my name? Doth not Mr Davies feel uncomfortable in the office thereof, for there was no protective glass. Wouldn't it be terrible if the truck had strenghened glass? It is unfortunate that the council told them to claim compensation for the fear. Apparently I cannot do that, so I will assume that others cannot either. There are fears, just as there are pestilences. But they are not spoken of very much here. There have been fears and pestilences on occasions. And am I fearful now?

No, I don't think so.

"Why Not?" asks Mr Spook, claiming to be working at MI5, currently off-duty, cometh into an internet shop because he knew that I was here. Someone told him, but the police have not come yet in more than two hours.

"Because I am one of you." sayeth Ir.

"On what grounds do you say this?"

"We hath correspondence that is in your file but which you have for your own reasons wiped off the police file. However Anselom might have some memory of it, more so than any London based solicicor. Can I have a spook passport as what I get in return for this public doth thereof, so that I can move house to a country that does not use much cctv, and whose ambulance service has a proven track record of not interacting with controversial writers. I could test this for a considerable period while I am there Settling In, and getting to be known b the local mafias, and let you know if there is anything wrong."

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