Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 36

I was going to say something about Oxford Street but didn't.
(a beat)
Perhaps this is what I do now, work on long blogs post by post now that I have a template that looks good (do you like my clothes?), each time I go out, mixing whatever it is that I want to say with work on the screenplay. And if someone wants to copy what I say and implement it I don't care, it is not my problem. It is my Right to type the screenplay online while the shops dither about protection and do bits of it like I used to like others do. There are in fact professional companies in the process of facilitating this, so there will be instant copyrights of the text at their end at the time of writing facilitated by auto-saves, should there be any legal disputes. It is assumed, as this is technically possible, that the computers will have metal cases, and will be unhackable with no cctv in the shop trained on them. We don't mind cctv as long as it is not trained on the monitors. And we don't want it in the park. The odd park ranger is alright as long as they are not checking up on you while you are praying.

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